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October 19, 2021     Post 132
An Important Announcement

This fall The Lake Ontario Log will getting an overhaul...And it’s high time! The Log is a digital dinosaur to be sure. It’s on line since 1998 so as websites go it’s probably attained historic landmark status on the Internet landscape. Back then Google wasn’t even around. Before that The Log was published for about three years as a paid by subscription 12 to 16 page printed paper “zine” . Subscription free was 12 dollars a year.

There is a lot going on here on the lake these days and with the dwindling away of the traditional news print media there are fewer places to find out about it. Current postage rates also make hard copy communication across the border with Canadian lake watchers all but prohibitive. However bits can flow as freely as the wind via Internet connections between our two shores.

We “lakers” need real news and insightful analysis concerning our inland sea. We also need entertainment. It is my intention to provide this for as long as I can get to a keyboard. In the next few weeks I will be converting the Log to a platform called Substack. This will make it much easier for your less than tech savvy author to put it together with photo illustrations, videos, and other graphics. It will also be much easier for my ‘tech support’ as they would be happy to say goodbye to the PHP script it uses.

I plan to post at least two stories a month and will be exploring policy, environmental issues, maritime and historical issues as well as occasional memoir and nostalgia material from my own sixty plus year relationship with the lake.

For the time being all this great material will continue to be free for viewing.And of course this archive will remain on line as long as Cykic Software does.

If you have ideas about stories or news topics you would like to see explored please feel free to mail your ideas to me via susan@silverwaters.com

And thanks for viewing. With the help of my enduring tech support department The Best is yet to come!
PS please check out the latest post on what I learned from beach pebbles- put on line yesterday at silverwaters.com/page3.htm

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