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December 11, 2021     Post 136
Time To Move On

Farewell Swan Song

Later this month I will be shifting from the venerable Log on Line to a platform called Substack. Please e mail me with your address if you wish to receive my new "Lake Ontario Chronicles". Otherwise farewell and thank you for reading.

We will publish "Chronicles" twice a month with stories about Lake Ontario and the surrounding region. For the time being all material will remain free to subscribers. At some point we will convert to a subscriber supported model to cover some of the production and hosting costs. The archives of twenty plus years of Lake Ontario Log will remain on line for now, thanks to the generosity of Cykic Software, though the tech department tells me they’re looking forward to no longer supporting the ancient script it uses.

Substack will enable me, with the help of a talented and creative photographer named Juha Cantori, to bring you striking visuals of the lake and its wildlife. We will also be able to publish links to videos and archival material from my out of print books. We will celebrate the natural history of the lake and its watershed as well as explore policy issues and solutions to help preserve the lake’s integrity. I will profile of some of the best minds in the watershed, both present and past, in activism, science, and the arts. And because I still believe the best way to appreciate this inland sea is by being on and by it, we’ll spend some time afloat in one boat or another.

I hope you’ll come along for the ride.

For thirty years I have raised awareness of and appreciation for the lake through writing. My articles on it have run in dozens of regional and national circulation magazines. Having sold more than 7000 copies of my various self published self distributed books, I know there’s ample interest in Lake Ontario. Recently Arcadia Press began distributing my third title with them, “A Natural History of Lake Ontario”. Arcadia Press specializes in regional non fiction topics including history and guide books. They have been selling my books since 2011, starting with Maritime Tales of Lake Ontario.

Things keep happening out there on our sweet water sea. But much of the reporting on it is specialized and narrow. To my knowledge “ Chronicles” will be the only wide ranging general interest publication devoted to Lake Ontario and its U.S. and Canadian watershed. Magazines and newspapers have dwindled, while the cost of postage to and from Canada has soared. But it’s still possible to reach across the border through the Internet. I will endeavor to bring you entertainment, news you can use, and analysis to help you understand the issues of the day that are impacting the amazing body of water that we cherish.

It’s an amazing world out there. I will do my best to bring a little of it to your desk top twice a month.
Please let me know if you would like to receive a free subscription to the Lake Ontario Chronicles.

The photos in this post a preview of an upcoming story about winter bird watching by the lake. To enjoy this and other Lake Ontario tales please send me your e mail. And thanks again for your devotion to our Great Lake.

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