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April 29, 2012     Post 31
lake bluffs

These bluffs lie along the lake between Fair Haven and Sodus Bay, an area of the lake shore made scenic by the erosion of the north edge of a large drumlin field that spreeads across Wayne, Monroe and Cayuga Counties. These are fairly unusual land forms on the Great Lakes and were of interest on this day, to a geologist studying the interior structure of drumlins as he tried to decipher the process that formed them. This was in 2007, but they don't look a lot different now- Click on a photo to get a larger view of the bluff face.

McIntyre Bluff next to Nature Center

Sitts Bluff is one of the largest along this stretch of shoreline. It is immediately east of the State Park
The State Park bluff is stabilized by rip rap at the bottom preventing the lake from carrying away material eroded down the face. It is the only bluff with vegetation and a less steep angle. Material eroded from the unprotected bluffs "nourishes" the beaches and is transported by long shore drift.
the next photo is of a bluff just west of Blind Sodus Bay.

Sitts Bluff

state park bluff

bluff no. 3

Scotts Bluff end of Broadway Road, now being developed into residential lots

Oakdene Bluff, bordered on west by Blind Creek just east of Port Bay

Dutch Street Bluff- I'd estimate the new house on the right has about fifty years before erosion claims it. Recession rates here are around 2 feet or a bit more per year.This bluff shows some internal layering

Chimney Bluff- The "canyons" are enhanced by ground water seeps. These are often visible as wet areas or actual streams of water running down the bluff face in the spring

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