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March 13, 2014     Post 46
Pipeline Update

Line 9B update from Reuters, Rabble.ca, and other sources

Pipeline 9B has been approved to carry tar sands crude to a Montreal refinery. The action took place a few days ago. Line 9B runs along the north shore of Lake Ontario crossing a number of major and minor tributaries and wetland areas near the lake. It also runs thru metropolitan Toronto where a number of residents were not happy about the approval.

Reuters says the NEB imposed 30 conditions for Enbridge to meet before they start pumping tar sands crude through the pipes and that they have a year to do so. The Lake Ontario Log will attempt to find out more about these 'conditions'. According to Rabble.ca's inverview with Lake Ontario Waterkeeper the NEB did not require the very basic precaution of installing double wall pipeline and safety shut offs at waterway crossings. Nor do they include updated leak detection technology. These are not unreasonable safeguards. They should be installed.

Waterkeeper's Mark Mattson points out buried gas tanks at filling stations that aren't even close to waterways have to be double walled by law. He expresses concern over the 'creeping normality' of hazardous material transport across the continent. It does seem like a bit of double standard here, when the little guy has to protect the water at considerable cost to his or her small business, but the big guys don't. Guess that's the old money talks and 'regulatory capture' thing again.

Stop Line 9 is mounting an effort to pass a moratorium on both rail transport and line 9 tar sands oil (also called dilbit). Their website states "Our goal is to motivate all city councillors to support a motion at city hall to outlaw the transport of these hazardous materials across our city. These "Unconventional Oil" products, which now include Light Bakken Crude along with DilBit, are extremely explosive, and are solely for export."

The website goes on to cite threats to water, human health and property values within the area if the aged line is re-purposed.

All along the pipeline route that runs from Sarnia ultimately to Montreal and then eventually possibly to Portland Maine where the oil will be exported, other groups areeducating, organizing protests, signing pledges of civil disobedience, and planning other actions. Reclaim Turtle Island, Rising Tide Toronto, Stop Line 9, Aamjiwaang and Sarnia Against Pipelines, Idle No More Toronto, Swamp Line 9 of Hamilton, Toronto 350, Waterkeeper and others are keeping a close eye on the situation. The action apparently isn't over yet. Check the facebook pages and websites of these organizations for more information on their work.

Possibly American water drinkers might consider sending a few U.S. dollars up north to help these citizens defend the priceless creation that provides all of us with life support.

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