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November 13, 2014     Post 52
Once A Century

Ten years ago in November we journeyed to New York City to take ownership of an old tired 38 foot schooner. We moved the boat from her Long Island home on a quiet back channel canal to a marina below Albany arriving there on November 16, 2004. A few days later she arrived in Fair Haven with the aid of a boat hauler's state of the art rig. It's been quite a ride with her since then.

Visit her website for the original entries- Google schooner sara b to get to it or try here.

In 2012 we re-launched her after an unconventional rebuild of sorts. In honor of that event, I published an updated edition of “Living On The Edge With Sara B”. In honor, too, of her tenth anniversary with us I have posted an excerpt from that book's next edition at Books and More. It's an account of a cruise last summer that like several other trips with Sara B had a few moments of sheer terror mixed in with tedium, boredom, some laughs, and a good deal of pleasure and some good company, too. Once again Lake Ontario's oldest living Thornycroft saved the day. This time it was in Oswego after our War of 1812 re-enactment.

To go to Books and More, find the live link on silverwaters.com then after you get to it, scroll down and select the square patch labeled boating tales to find "Once A Century". Or try the link below and scroll down.

Books and More

photos are from last summer's cruise and show the "battlefleet" as detailed in the story -

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