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June 01, 2015     Post 62
video quest for hope update

To all who have an interest in the Lake Ontario educational video.

I have been putting updates on the Kickstarter site for the project (google Kickstarter lake ontario to see them).

I have also gotten several reports from people who have tried to put in a pledge and failed to do so. One report mentioned an error message- others have said they thought their pledge went but weren't sure.( and it didn't)

If you pledge you should see a new screen with a blue header that says something like You are now an official backer and has the amount pledged in the right upper corner

If that screen doesn't appear, it didn't go thru.
If you try again and get an error or other failure please record and send to Me and I will forward it to Kickstarter's support team.

We tried to 'break' the website but it worked for us last night. Here's what we did.
Go to the site using the link from Google or my previous posts
You will see a green box beside photo of Sara B it says Back This Project

click that and enter the pledge amount on the next page

select reward or no reward by clicking on a circle next to the dollar amount pledged

go to the bottom and click to continue to next step. NOTE you might have to use scroll bar on right side to get to bottom

sign up to create an account with e mail and password

go to next screen and fill in the credit or debit card info etc and again click the green 'pledge" button at BOTTOM ( you may have to scroll down to see it

At that point you should see the amount of your pledge displayed on upper right corner.
Maybe you can make the bowfin smile.

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