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May 13, 2019  The Polymath Who Loved Trees
April 27, 2019  How Mr. Dart changed the world
April 01, 2019  The Widow Maker's World and April offer
March 11, 2019  The Galley Slave-cooking underway
January 31, 2019  Forgotten Female Mariners
January 04, 2019  Lake Ontario Lumber Trade
December 16, 2018  Store closing notice
December 02, 2018  Lake History notes-historical fires
November 03, 2018  Lake Ontario Grain Trade
October 17, 2018  electric boating
August 23, 2018  Autumn and August
June 13, 2018  Ospreys
April 17, 2018  Just In Time For The Boating Season
March 14, 2018  Can Art Save Us All?
March 06, 2018  Personhood For Lakes?
February 06, 2018  Two More Boating Tales
December 29, 2017  A Half Century of Boating
November 09, 2017  microbes water and climate change
September 06, 2017  Wild Weather
May 06, 2017  high water
March 14, 2017  freshwater boating
January 27, 2017  Spiders ashore and afloat
January 11, 2017  Life On The Beach part 2
January 07, 2017  Life On The Beach
December 14, 2016  Lake Levels
November 17, 2016  A Very Close Call
October 05, 2016   How to Save The Lake Part Four
September 02, 2016  How To Save The Lake part three
August 04, 2016  How To Save The Lake part two
June 02, 2016  How To Save The Lake
May 11, 2016  Last Video Update
April 21, 2016  one more video update
March 19, 2016  Great Lakes Movie Review
February 13, 2016  bees and clean water
January 20, 2016  luck and the lake
December 30, 2015  Ecosystem Based Management
December 01, 2015  A Fish Story
November 22, 2015  Great Lakes Commons
November 05, 2015  politics and water
August 05, 2015  An encounter with a great lakes poet
July 01, 2015  Gobies
June 06, 2015  short video update
June 01, 2015  video quest for hope update
May 25, 2015  The clock is ticking
May 18, 2015  more video notes-mighty midges
April 28, 2015  Another Learning Experience
April 07, 2015  Odds and ends and updates from the Log
March 22, 2015  Just in time for World Water Day
February 07, 2015  Water And Power on a Great Lake
January 02, 2015  More Plastics Part Two
December 17, 2014  More on Plastics
November 25, 2014  Historic Snow
November 13, 2014  Once A Century
October 27, 2014  moorings
September 03, 2014  Urgent Urger Need to preseve history
July 22, 2014  Lakes and Mountains
May 28, 2014  Hot Drinks need at the Thermal Bar
April 16, 2014  A Vist To Lake Mead
March 13, 2014  Pipeline Update
February 14, 2014  Now some good news for the lake!
February 12, 2014  Lake Ontario's Keystone Pipeline
December 09, 2013  Botulism Again.
November 13, 2013  plastic in lake follow up
August 22, 2013  More Lake Ontario Lore
July 03, 2013  Legends and Lore excerpt
June 07, 2013  new book on Lake Ontario
June 04, 2013  plastic in our lake
April 16, 2013  Getting On To The Lake Part Two
March 27, 2013  Saving Our Channels
December 02, 2012  Old Boat Memories Spring Launch
November 16, 2012  Storm winds
June 20, 2012  New Book Excerpt from Maritime Tales
May 15, 2012  Silver Waters spring update
April 29, 2012  lake bluffs
March 30, 2012  Lake Levels Up and Down
December 29, 2011  A December Canoe Trip
November 07, 2011  gas well water in our lake
October 26, 2011  fall odds and ends
August 01, 2011  mutant flies two
April 30, 2011  Birds and Boats On The Edge
April 18, 2011  something in the water
March 22, 2011  World Water Day
February 21, 2011  Send A Kid to Beach College
January 12, 2011  Lake Ontario Islands
December 06, 2010  From Smith Corona to Droid
November 22, 2010  Telling A Tale Of Tillers
January 11, 2010  dead birds and manure
January 04, 2010  lakeshore wind farm update
November 30, 2009  windturbines update
May 04, 2009  update on a ship with a mission
April 02, 2009  update from Whiskey Hill Press
February 18, 2009  navigation rights in question
January 19, 2009  the Cat of Winter-a story
December 11, 2008  Great Lakes Gas
November 13, 2008  september boat fest
May 22, 2008  June sailing fest Sodus Bay
April 11, 2008  Earthday Lake Watch
March 07, 2008  birds and the lake
February 27, 2008  why go sailing?
January 31, 2008  Lake Ontario windfarm update
December 13, 2007  It's A Curious World

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Author/sailor Susan Peterson Gateley has a new book project under way- Legends and Lore of Lake Ontario. She would very much like to hear form anyone out there with a legend or a family story of their own that concerns the lake. You can email her at susan@silverwaters.com or go to www.silverwaters.com

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